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BIZ CENTER LOGIX™ - Complete Business Center Solutions

Biz Center Logix deploys and manages business centers for hotels, resorts, airports, and other public arenas to provide pre-paid high speed Internet access and business services to the general public.

Select from several convenient solutions and service options that enable business center owners and operators to offer complete business service conveniences. 

Benefit instantly from Biz Center Logix’s easy to deploy solutions as well as the revenue generated from offering Internet access and business center services to the public.

Get started today using Biz Center Logix and have access to professionals with years of business center management and support!

Full Service Business Center Solutions

Take advantage of the conveniences of a full service business center. Biz Center Logix is available as a ‘plug and play’ solution with full service business center capabilities (high-speed Internet access, MS Office capabilities, and printing). Business center operators can plug in PC hardware, download ‘NetStop Pro’, and immediately begin offering services.

Use ‘NetStop Pro’ secure browser software for your Business Center!

‘NetStop Pro’ provides a high level of reliability which ensures that the business center is always ready to provide its services. ‘NetStop Pro’ is a Windows-based kiosk browser that is the market leader in the pay-to-surf market. It is currently deployed in 61 countries and 21,000 locations. ‘NetStop Pro’ is a complete kiosk/pc browser that is packed with great features and functionality.  The software protects the hard drive of your kiosk, preventing access to the operating system and other data that you require to be tamper proof. ‘NetStop Pro’ is simple to install and use. Its iconbased interface and intuitive commands permit easy installation and configuration without expensive technical training.

Cutting Edge software products to monitor and manage your business center!

Biz Center Logix offers a full suite of cutting edge software products to monitor and manage your business center networks remotely. Our business center services can be paid for by credit card, access card, or prepaid card.

‘NetStop Pro’ via its AccountPro module can generate unique PIN codes permitting the user to access pre-paid services at other affiliated business centers, interact with multiple printers and can be configured to charge appropriately for printing. This enhanced feature provides greater customer satisfaction while adding to the revenue stream of the business center.

Offer Wi-Fi “hot spots”

Provide wireless Internet access hotspots in common areas in and around your establishment. Take advantage of wireless capabilities and offer high-speed mobile Internet access throughout all public access common areas such as lobbies, clubhouses, game rooms, poolside, etc.  Use wireless technology to provide your guests and/or residents the convenience and portability of high-speed internet connectivity!

Technical Support

You can count on Biz Center Logix for unparalleled customer service. We provide you with telephone and email technical support along with remote diagnostic capability.

Get Session™ Today

Provide business class conferencing software for voice-video-data communication. Session is the first SIP based audio/video conferencing service that lets your customers conduct business meetings from your business center kiosk or computer.  The software enables audio/video communication with colleagues, associates, customers and friends, anywhere in the world, whether they’re around the corner or around the world.  Session operates on standard computers, either PC or Mac. Use your kiosk or business center plug in your video camera and audio equipment, download the software and start conferencing services at your business centers.

Revenue Share Model

Biz Center Logix provides the hardware, software, and technical support. The property provides the high-speed internet access, space, electricity, and furniture. The property receives 15% of all collected revenue.

A Smart Investment

Deploying Biz Center Logix to your property increses customer satisfaction, brings new customers in the door and provides a consistent revenue stream.

Call us today at 954.566.0992 to see how fast and easy it is to get started.

Bizcenter™Logix is a 'plug and play' solution with full service business center capabilities (high-speed Internet access, printing)..

'NetStop Pro' is a Windows based kiosk browser software that is the market leader in the pay-to-surf market.

Get Session™ today. Provide business class conferencing software for voice-video-data communication.

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