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Kiosk Logix Integrates PrinterOn's Remote Printing Services for Business Travelers.

Fort Lauderdale, FL and Kitchener, ON-July 12, 2005: Business travelers, now accustomed to the availability of high speed Internet connectivity at hotels, airports and hotspots, will be pleased to find remote printing available at an increased number of public locations in North America. Kiosk software leader, Kiosk Logix Inc., has integrated its kiosk management solutions with the remote printing solutions from PrinterOn Corporation, the leader in mobile printing solutions, making web-based, public printing seamlessly available to more than 21,000 licenses worldwide.

To print documents at a Kiosk Logix installed hotel, airline lounge or other hotspot location, users can print from their laptop computer by submitting a document via a branded printing service webpage, or can e-mail a document from their PDA or wireless device to the printer's PrinterOn email address. The availability of PrinterOn at Kiosk Logix locations makes it extremely easy and convenient for hotel guests and hotspot users to print securely to a public printer at the location. The integration supports both confidential release, which requires the user to enter a security code before their document is printed, and automatic release.

Comments Abbas Sadriwalla, CEO of Kiosk Logix, "We are very pleased to facilitate a remote, public printing service for hotel guests and hotspot users by integrating our kiosk software solution with PrinterOn's remote printing solutions. Kiosk Logix has a strong position in the global market for metered connectivity services, and PrinterOn is the strongest player in remote printing solutions in the North American market. By combining forces, we are not only able to deliver a much needed service to business travelers, but to expand our market reach significantly".

"The integration of our remote printing solutions with Kiosk Logix's kiosk software further demonstrates PrinterOn's commitment to making public printing easier to use and more readily available to business travelers wherever they may be," commented John Kaarid, Director of Business Development of PrinterOn.

The printing services are made available to hotels, airline lounges and other hotspot locations under a variety of business plans, including fixed annual fee and revenue share models. Set up and configuration are simple and quick to implement, and are supported by PrinterOn's remote technical support services. The price that users pay for printing is determined by the individual location.

Bizcenter Logix™ by Kiosk Logix

Kiosk Logix, a member of the Wireless Logix Group, is very pleased to announce "Bizcenter Logix" its latest public access business center solution. Utilizing the combination of our market leading secure browser software 'Netstop' in combination with the Lexmark X-422, a multi function device, business centers can now offer paid access to high speed internet, printing, copying and faxing. It is the most versatile and cost effective solution available in the market and will enable enhanced functionality at kiosks and business centers worldwide.

PCs running Kiosk Logix's Netstop kiosk-browser software can be fully integrated with Lexmark's multi-function printing device model x422. This enables printing, copying, and faxing from a single source in both business-centre and stand-alone kiosk environments. Ordinarily if a user wants to send a fax from a hotel, they would have to go to the front desk. Kiosk Logix latest innovative technology changes all that by allowing companies to offer all their faxing, printing and copying services from a single location. This combination of Netstop's payment collection technology and Lexmark's x422 provides a much-needed solution in a cost-effective and elegant manner.

Netstop services can be paid for by credit card or cash. The software can also generate unique user pin numbers to provide security and value for users. NetStop is also able to interact with Lexmark's model C510 laser color printer and charge appropriately for black or color printing.

Traditionally, smaller business centers have not been able to afford a stand-alone, pay-per-use, copier and fax machine because the costs have been prohibitive. Bizcenter Logix™ costs considerably less than other solutions currently on the market. It enhances the functionality available to users while increasing the number of revenue streams available to business centers that use this technology. Besides being a feature rich solution, Netstop's high level of stability ensures the business is always up and running.


Bizcenter™Logix is a 'plug and play' solution with full service business center capabilities (high-speed Internet access, printing)..

'NetStop Pro' is a Windows based kiosk browser software that is the market leader in the pay-to-surf market.

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Kiosk Logix Integrates PrinterOn's Remote Printing Services for Business Travelers.

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